Wisdom of Jegul

The story of Yldrath’s Baffling Quest is a fantasy/science fiction story filled with action, magic, romance and many other elements, like kingdoms & swords that you find in a fantasy story. However, sometimes the story also touches on the wisdom of Jegul. 🙂

Jegul is a prophet and philosopher whose thoughts have come to dominate the thinking on Pohlonnia. The path he advocates is called for Ehl’Ge’tild, the way that provides. The opposite way is to follow the way of taking, the way of Ihl’S’told. This is a way where you strive to arrange things so that you get far more of the “good” – such as wealth and influence – for yourself than others.

Jegul’s most important work is ‘Verses from the heart‘. The title of Jegul’s second book. This book contains a collection of existential insights about the nature of things. A few sayings by Jegul:

‘The purpose of life is to notice people around you, learn who they are and help them to see themselves as they’re supposed to be.
This is so they can live their lives and not just survive. Only then can you find the way that provides, Ehl’Ge’tild, which is the way to become truly human.’

‘To notice people is to notice the only thing you can bring with you into the next life. That is, they themselves, their friendship and your memories. For these three things are the only things you can take with you when you pass to the next life.
And when this becomes perfect so that it becomes more important than yourself and is worth any cost it may incur to you, then you’ve learned what love is; the most true reflection of the primal force.’

‘In the very moment you accept your lot in life you will be happy. But, don’t stagnate, but always try to better understand and move forward in life, which is always in some way about people, or your happiness will be dried out.’

‘Tears are good because they heal the soul, and when the soul heals, the body can be healed.’

‘Watch out for those who can use words so they become more real than reality itself, such words hide reality.’

‘To give to someone who only can take is to die a slow death.’

‘The most painful death is the death where a man’s honour is taken away bit by bit.’

’If something seems to last forever, the journey to its change has just begun.’

‘The greatest curse that rests upon mankind is that she can’t rise above her own time and culture. It’s a trial we are all subjected to and whether we can rise above our own time and culture will in the end decide who we are.’

‘Simplify your life too much and it becomes like a desert where nothing can grow, but try to understand everything and life becomes an ocean to drown in.’

’To give is to gain. To take is to lose.’

’When something precious has been taken away from you, it may have happened so that you shall see other things more clearly, things that you still have.’

‘Trust is the first thing to be abused, because using trust to fool others at first gives a great advantage. However, in the end it destroys everything.’

’If you can think of your fellow man as different, there’s no limit to how badly you can treat her. You just need to see her difference as a deficiency. A deficiency that must be removed.’

’Anyone who thinks that all is well, forgets to search for faults that are still there.’

‘There’s more mystery in a drop of water than we can comprehend; if you haven’t grasped that, you’ve made haste through life without having lived.’

‘A person can only understand that which he or she has already understood, or something close to it. Thus, a new insight necessitates something more than mere thinking.’

‘Try to get away from interpreting everything using the knowledge you already own; try instead to hear and see what is, thus don’t reinterpret what you see so it fits into an already set narrow picture of reality.’

‘A decision taken together makes a friend, but a decision taken over someone’s head creates a rebel.’

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