A New Monetary System

CorelDrawForm_StefanBSigfried_v1b_smallAn engineer takes a look at banks and the monetary system.

Was 2008 just a foreshock rumble and something more devastating is awaiting us? What will happen to our jobs, savings, pensions, and the future of our children?

In this book I tell you why  fiat money is a dishonest type of money and why economic theories fail us. I show how the US government, banks and smart people make money out of thin air. It is about money bubbles, the flaw in the gold standard and deeper underlying problems with economic theories. I also show how we can repair the monetary system.

However, the best protection is a society that is not based on greed, but focused on making it possible for everyone to create real wealth. To achieve this we need politicians who think and act differently; without self-interest as the main rule. We need to build a society based on empathy and science simply because that is the only way we can build a society that works.

Do you remember how engineers tried to stop the launch of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986? A manager, Lund, was even told to “take off his engineering hat and put on his management hat.” He did that; the Challenger launched and blew up.

This book shows how you can take on your engineering hat.

Available at lulu.com. eBook. On Amazon: Softcover.

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